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Costa Rican Vibes. . .

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Costa Rica truly was a vibe, the BEST of vibes. I don't believe I have ever felt so free and so light in my life. I mean, seriously! We visited there just before the COVID-19 quarantine in March. We knew things were heating up back in the states, but we had no idea how serious it was going to get. We had no idea that restaurants, beauty salons, and barber shops would be ordered to close when we returned. We had no idea that the pandemic would eventually lead to masks in public and outright fear of someone with an allergy cough. But, for some reason, the vibe Costa Rica was laying down wouldn't allow us to worry. We felt completely safe and unburdened, however foolish that may have been.

I miss that feeling. I miss the unbridled joy I felt. I was totally open to receive whatever creative thought the world had to give. In Costa Rica, in March 2020, while sitting beside the pool with friends, I decided that I would pursue my dream of becoming a writer when I returned home. And, though my return home was rife with stressors (homeschooling while working from home, to be exact) I did what I promised myself I would do. It was literally the best most transformative trip of my life. I hope someday I can return to the place where I finally fully accepted my calling, because I think I left a little piece of my heart there on the shoreline.

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