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Honors received by Kenya Collins

SEMI-FINALIST - The Black List x Women In Film Feature Residency - 2022 (2)_edited
SEMI-FINALIST - 26th Annual Fade In Awards Horror Competition - 2022 (2)_edited
SEMI-FINALIST - Big Apple AGENTS AND MANAGERS Networking Lab - 2022_edited
QUARTER-FINALIST - Big Apple Film Festival Screenplay Competition - 2022_edited
Emerging Screenwriters Drama Competition--First Blooded and The Saint Finalist laurels 2022

"It's like taking Anne Rice's Interview With a Vampire and flipping it on its head. . . ." Script2Comic


"It feels very cathartic and poignant, it's a great thing to watch unfold and keeps you engaged because of it. There is definitely a lot of interest and room for it in the current landscape and it could easily become a graphic novel with the themes it deals with and the exciting points throughout the story." Script2Comic

"Extremely entertaining with numerous flashes of brilliance from start to finish."

"Every beat, every decision, and every brutal blow doesn't happen if it isn't needed to fully get the character's psyche and fight for his life across to the audience. This is a wonderfully unpredictable script but what truly sends it soaring for me is how compassionate, heartbreaking, and fleshed out Samson's arc is." We Screenplay

"This is something more, something special and unique that doesn't use the thematic content as a hook but turns the perspective around and gives us. . .a perspective we haven't ever seen." We Screenplay

"I think the biggest thing about this is that it doesn't particularly have a "target audience" instead has a more universal perspective and gives us a protagonist that an audience member can look at and say "no, I completely get that and probably would do the same thing in that scenario". It is clearly set around a specific perspective but the best stories always find a way to get their message across no matter who the story is truly about and you completely succeed in that regard." We Screenplay

"This is above all else, an exciting, heartbreaking, and sadly still poignant story because of the thematic material." We Screenplay

"The twist in this script is great! Because the script does a great job at feeling more like a historical piece in the beginning of the script, it makes the twist feel unexpected, which gives it a heavy hit." Stage 32

 "It's easy to see this script doing well because it combines horror with a message, giving this script the potential to resonate with others. It feels like this script would work well for a production company like Blumhouse or Monkeypaw." Stage 32


White and Charcoal Storyboard Photo Collage.jpg
ISA Fast Track Fellowship Top 50
SEMI-FINALIST - The Golden Script Competition - 2022_edited
Emerging Screenwriters Drama Competition--First Blooded and The Saint
Stage 32 Logline of the Day

"The dialogue is excellent; pointed and purposeful but with a naturalistic, conversational tone. Each character has their own individual voice that is easy to identify amongst the rest of the cast. You make space to include a lot of subtext into your exchanges, which compliments the dramatic and suspenseful tone of the series." Indie Film Hustle


". . .you managed to weave together an interesting story without being overly preachy (forgive the pun) or dismissive. Adding that this was an LGBTQ+ story, I was pretty impressed!" We Screenplay

"My favorite part of this script, outside of the concept, were the characters - in particular, Michele and Mugisha, as well as the hints to their relationship or feelings in the past. I thought this was incredibly touching, and something that drove me to continue reading. I wanted to know what had happened to them, and why they had given up on each other." We Screenplay

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